In-vehicle technology has profoundly shaped how companies connect with their drivers. For drivers to be willing to embrace such technology, the in-vehicle solution must be user-friendly, accessible, convenient and reliable.

We offer an in-vehicle driver tablet solution, Talon that is designed to not only increase driver performance, efficiency and safety but to also enhance their satisfaction while out on the road.


1. User-Friendly Interface:
The tablet has a slim and portable design aimed at increasing durability, with a sharp focus camera that can capture images. The home screen comprises a complete catalogue giving drivers access to a wide range of features, at a touch of a button.

Our tablet’s screen protects against glare and reflection with easy-to-read buttons both in the day and night.

2. Reduce Paperwork Handling:
Talon’s electronic library gives drivers all the tools they need to operate efficiently and safely. Talon’s library saves and stores all important documents including permits, licenses and gazettes making it easy for roadside authorities to access. It also supports break schedules, Safe Journey Plans (SJP), job dispatch and sign-on glass and a whole lot more.

3. For Compliance Requirements:
Talon assists drivers to be compliant while out on the road by providing them with the necessary tools to meet compliance, OH&s requirements and work safely.

By providing drivers access to our compliance solutions including live fatigue management as well as IAP Monitoring, it supports and gives drivers the confidence to complete all their tasks throughout their journey. Talon also includes additional compliance modules such as fit-for-duty declaration, pre-trip questionnaires, inspection, defect and incident reporting.

4. Being a Proactive & Safe Driver:
Talon is a proactive solution that notifies drivers of upcoming breaks, ‘point of interest’ (POI) areas, new documents, new jobs, over-weight mass loading and much more. Talon provides both visual and audible alerts to driver’s in-cab.

5. Effectively Inform Management:
All driver input via Talon is made available for managers and operators to access and evaluate on Hawk-Eye, our web-based software. Critical items such as drivers neglecting to take a break triggers immediate notifications to management and nominated recipients.

6. Effective Communication
Talon provides drivers with communication tools at their disposal including our hands-free phone and two-way messaging feature. Talon offers drivers the ability to type a pre-filled answer when a quick reply is needed. All calls and messages are logged and stored in Hawk-Eye for management to view.

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Published 03 July 2017