Key Benefits

  • Benchmark to improve driver performance
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Improve asset utilisation
  • Grow the business not your costs
  • Prevent breaches and remain compliant
  • Enhance the safety of drivers
  • Stay connected with remote drivers

Key Features

  • Locate vehicles & drivers 24/7
  • Real-time alerts of breaches
  • In-vehicle notification to improve driver performance
  • Accurate KPI reporting for your customers
  • Heat map events
  • Two-way communication

Vehicle Tracking

Use real-time GPS fleet management solutions data to make informed decisions 24/7 via Hawk-Eye, the web-based platform. Combine with satellite communication to allow monitoring outside of Telstra’s mobile coverage. Track information such as a vehicle’s location, direction, speed, route, mileage, idling and much more to generate significant cost savings with this fleet tracking system.

Journey History Replay

View the journey history of multiple vehicles overlaid with the vehicle’s travel route on HERE Maps. GPS fleet tracking systems allow for valuable insight into driver performance, including departure and arrival locations, start / finish times and route efficiency.


Proximity Search

Use GPS fleet management solutions to locate vehicles in real-time for full visibility of the entire fleet. Find the right vehicle for a specific requirement and manage the safety of vehicles where an incident occurs. Fleet tracking in Australia has never been easier.


Waypoint Management & Geo-fencing

Configure depots, holding docks and customer sites as Waypoints. Providing the fleet tracking ability to report on entry / exit, speed at site and holding times. Real-time alerts can be raised for delays such as excessive wait times, to allow your business to respond early. Set up Geo-fences to identify specific zones, triggering alerts to management within the GPS fleet tracking system.