Key Benefits

  • Improve driver safety & communication
  • Meet compliance and WH&S requirements
  • Increase driver efficiency & reduce downtime
  • Stay connected with remote drivers
  • Manage drivers incoming & outgoing calls

Key Features

  • Provides drivers with audible & visual alerts
  • Supports fatigue, jobs, mass & safety modules
  • User-friendly touch screen for drivers
  • Integrates with the tracking unit & Hawk-Eye
  • Two-way messaging, phone & emails

Talon: In-Vehicle Driver Tablet

Talon is a very user-friendly driver tablet solution designed to keep drivers safe and provide managers with critical information. Talon integrates fully with Hawk-Eye, the web-based platform, providing updates on fatigue, job dispatch, mass management, defect / incident reporting and Safe Journey Plans. Accessible anytime, anywhere, Talon enables you to track and respond to drivers.

Events trigger visual and audible alerts in-vehicle to improve driver performance. Managers can view all drivers simultaneously and sort for action accordingly. It provides comprehensive functionality to drivers:

  • Live fatigue management
  • Job dispatch & sign-on glass
  • Mass management (IAP and OBM)
  • Safe Journey Plans (SJP)
  • Fit for duty / pre-trip questionnaire
  • Navigation & mapping
  • Electronic document management
  • Defect & incident reporting
  • Two-way messaging & hands-free phone
  • Text-to-speech announcements
  • Driver login & driver points
  • Fuel entry & much more


Phone Calls & Messages

Talon can be used as a hands-free phone, which means drivers can be reached without compromising their safety. You can easily send notifications to individual drivers and the whole fleet. It enables you to manage incoming and outgoing phone calls. All calls are logged through Hawk-Eye, giving you access to inhibit calls to and from specific numbers. Incoming and outgoing text messages are also recorded.


Swift: Driver App

Swift is a phone-based App, designed in conjunction with drivers, for drivers. It delivers cost effective management of sub-contractors and mobile workers through the driver’s mobile device. Swift is an efficient way of communicating with and coordinating your sub-contractors and mobile workers where full tracking capabilities aren’t required. You can manage the whole process from job dispatch through to electronic proof-of-delivery, in real-time. Swift includes features such as sign on glass, history replay, pre-trip questionnaires and image capture.