Key Benefits

  • Improved safety & compliance
  • Proactive management to prevent breaches
  • Promote & reward safe driving behaviour
  • Enhanced driver protection, particularly in remote locations

Key Features

  • Driver login, pre-start checklist, fit for duty declaration
  • Over speed monitoring with alerts & reporting
  • Harsh driving monitoring & alerts
  • Driver points with live alerts for driver management
  • Satellite communication option for live tracking & alerting in remote locations
  • Driver duress & man-down alerting

Pre-Start Checklist & Fit For Duty Declaration

Talon, the integrated driver tablet solution, prompts drivers to login using a unique PIN and complete a configured set of pre-trip questions at the commencement of a shift or trip. Talon can then be used to capture images of the vehicle and report any defects. The Fit for duty declaration is completed using sign-on glass technology, confirming that the vehicle and driver are both Fit For Duty. This information is time and date stamped and stored on the Hawk-Eye platform. Management is notified if unsuitable answers are submitted or if the driver commences driving without successful login.


Safe Journey Plan

A Safe Journey Plan is prepared by users in the web-based platform Hawk-Eye and dispatched to the driver via the tablet, Talon. Once the driver acknowledges and completes the Safe Journey Plan, it is saved in the fleet safety software and is available for inspection by roadside authorities.


Point of Interest - Proactive Alerting

Encourage safe driving by setting up Points of Interest in Hawk-Eye, the web-based fleet safety management system. By defining an area as a waypoint or geo-fence, drivers are prompted with an in-vehicle alert upon entry. For example, a steep hill can be marked as a waypoint, instructing drivers to engage a lower gear. To ensure that drivers are not distracted, there is an auto-dismiss feature and text-to-speech option.


Speed Monitoring

MTData’s driver safety management system offers over-speed alerting in real-time so that drivers can respond immediately. In the event of a speed exception occurring, nominated recipients can be notified in real-time. This data is also available on-screen via reports and dashboards, including a history replay feature. This allows managers to identify vehicles that are exceeding speed limits and conduct non-conformance management if required.

Harsh Driving & Accident Alerting

MTData’s system enables fleet managers to set alerts for critical KPI breaches. The g-force sensors register driving events such as harsh cornering, heavy braking and hard acceleration. This identifies drivers that need coaching. Managing harsh driving reduces the cost of fleet maintenance, vehicle wear and tear and fuel costs. It also minimises the likelihood of an incident or rollover. In the event of an accident, the system senses the high g-force and notifies managers immediately.


Driver Points / Scorecard

MTData has created a unique Driver Points module that promotes safe driving. Management can streamline the supervisory process by clearly identifying those who require coaching. This module can be used to provide drivers with positive recognition inspiring improved driver performance among other drivers. The Scorecard is configurable allowing managers to create rules around demerit points. For example, drivers may start with 100 points and 5-star driver rating at the start of the month and incidents such as site delays, speeding, fatigue breaches and g-force breaches all trigger an alert and a loss of points. Drivers can view their profile on Talon, which identifies time date and location of breaches, including the number of points deducted.


Remote Area Satellite Communications

MTData’s Iridium satellite enabled tracking technology provides coverage for vehicles operating in remote areas. This provides operators with access to communication, live tracking, fatigue management and much more. This is a must-have for businesses with remote fleets to ensure driver safety and compliance with WHS legislation.


Personnel Tracking

Personnel tracking devices give you visibility of your remote or lone workers and are a cost-effective communication solution for monitoring performance. These battery-operated devices are designed to provide workers with extra safety, including a duress button and g-force sensors to identify a fallen or injured worker. Know the exact whereabouts of your staff to alert them of hazardous situations and provide immediate assistance in case of an emergency.


Duress & Man-Down Alerts

To improve the safety and protection of remote or lone workers, MTData offers robust and reliable solutions that provide live alerting capabilities. When urgent medical or emergency assistance is required, the in-vehicle driver duress switch can be triggered. These systems interface with your tracking unit, providing live information, including the location of the driver and vehicle at the time of the triggered event. Alerts can be sent to nominated recipients to follow a defined procedure or be diverted directly to emergency responders. This system allows operators to enhance the safety of their drivers whilst ensuring Chain of Responsibility compliance.

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