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If you have any 3G devices, MTData can help your fleet become network ready. We are helping fleet operators transition seamlessly onto the 4G network today to limit disruptions to their day-to-day operations, before the 3G network shutdown. Plus, upgrading your telematics with us means you’ll get the advantages of our next generation technology.

Upgrade and we’re offering fantastic deals and we’ll even buy back any brand of 3G telematics hardware, whether your product is with a different provider or an MTData device.

Get the benefits of switching with us

  • Unbeatable hardware and software package deals for signing up
  • Cost-efficient solution to replace your old 3G hardware with our buy back program
  • 4G network ready for seamless transition before the 3G shutdown
  • Professional services to tailor a solution for your business
  • Premium technology and service from an Australian and Telstra-owned provide

Additional New Billing Feature

Take advantage of our All-inclusive software package and experience the convenience of having your data sim and software services expertly managed and billed by us, with no hidden costs to worry about. Upgrade with confidence today and trust us to provide seamless connectivity solutions for your business.



The 3G shutdown is coming in 2024. Is your fleet ready to keep driving smoothly by connecting onto newer networks? For more information on the 3G network shutdown and what this means for your fleet, read more here.

Why MTData?

We’re Australia’s leading telematics provider to the Transport and heavy vehicle industry. With 20 years of experience revolutionizing businesses with advanced telematics and fleet management software technology to increase productivity, reduce costs and maintain safety and compliance.

  • Fleet Tracking Australia

    Australian-made solution

  • GPS Fleet Tracking

    Live tracking & full visibility

  • Fleet Tracking Camera

    MDVR cameras

  • Fleet Compliance

    Compliance made easy

  • Mobile and Tablet

    Handsfree device

  • Fleet Mass Management

    IAP & TMA monitoring & on-board mass

  • Alert Icon

    Real-time alerts & notifications

  • Sign Glass

    Job dispatch & sign-on glass

  • Satellite Icon

    Telstra network & optional satellite for remote areas

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