Is your fleet 4G ready?

Get ahead of the impending 3G network shutdown in June 2024 by upgrading your existing 4000 (3G) device to 4G capability with our cutting-edge solution. Our hassle-free upgrade process is quick, taking less than an hour per truck, and cost-effective, involving the replacement of only part of your tracking device with a new modem board and antenna.

But why stop there? While upgrading your device, take advantage of our All-inclusive software package and experience the convenience of having your data sim and software services expertly managed and billed by us, with no hidden costs to worry about. Upgrade with confidence today and trust us to provide seamless connectivity solutions for your business.

What you need to know about the 3G shutdown

In light of the upcoming cessation of the 3G network in Australia by June 2024, businesses are advised to take note of the significant ramifications for their telematic tracking devices. With the discontinuation of the 3G network, these devices will be rendered inoperable and unable to transmit crucial data, necessitating a migration to 4G or 5G compatible devices.

To avoid any negative impacts to business operations, it is essential to undertake the necessary measures well in advance of the shutdown to ensure a seamless transition. We urge businesses to take proactive steps towards upgrading their devices to avoid interruptions to network services. Stay ahead of the curve with our reliable and efficient connectivity solutions and prepare your business for the future today.

What you need to do to prepare

To ensure seamless business operations, it is imperative that devices are upgraded to support 4G or 5G networks prior to the impending shutdown of the 3G network in 2024. Notably, MTData offers devices that are already equipped with 4G capability, allowing for uninterrupted service following the discontinuation of the 3G network. For those who continue to utilise 3G devices, an upgrade is feasible by replacing the modem board and antenna, representing a streamlined process with minimal disruption to operations.

Additionally, the upgrade process offers cost efficiencies when compared to outright replacement of devices. We urge businesses to take action now to mitigate any potential disruptions and avoid the negative impacts of non-compliance. Upgrade with MTData for reliable and efficient connectivity solutions.

Published 10 May 2023