How are you managing your assets? Want to keep track of your trailers, containers etc.?

Exclusive to Talon, our in-vehicle driver tablet supports an “Asset Tracking” solution. Businesses can now monitor any asset in conjunction with their existing MTData tracking unit and Talon.

Trackable Assets – Made Easy

It’s a solution designed to be made easy for both fleet managers and drivers to utilise. Once the asset is created by fleet managers and the driver collects their asset, all drivers need to do is link/associate the asset using their Talon.

This will enable fleet managers to view all associated assets to each vehicle, the asset’s current location and history as well as when the asset was disassociated.

Trackable Asset Reporting

We offer several reports for our trackable assets solution where fleet managers can view all the details and history associated to a particular asset. This can be used for a number of purposes including, driver behaviour, fleet utilisation, proof-of-delivery, customer invoicing and more.

Want to learn more about Talon and the solutions that it supports? We offer a range of compliance solutions including live fatigue management and IAP Monitoring.

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Published 07 July 2017