Heavy vehicle transport companies are increasingly looking in the telematics market for accurate and robust Intelligent Access Program (IAP) units, ACA research shows.

The number of Telematics In-Vehicle Units (IVUs) have increased by 5-6% year on year¹, which is a 22% growth since 2014.

The research shows this growing demand for Telematics IVUs, where heavy vehicle transport companies are stepping away from complicated hard-wired units and opting for standalone IAP units to install in their trucks.

MTData and Transport Compliance Services (TCS) have an extensive offering of IAP Monitoring and On-Board Mass (OBM) systems enabling heavy and light vehicle transport companies to improve their productivity and efficiency.

The growth in IAP is also highlighted by Transport Certification Australia (TCA). The government body have attributed this growth to the industry’s conscious decision to make greater IVU purchasing decisions for their fleet.

TCA have announced that around 30,480 IVU’s have been installed into heavy vehicles across Australia; with a further 1,500 Telematics IVU’s installed in light vehicles.

Trialed, trusted and approved by regulators, MTData and TCS’s IAP Monitoring and OBM systems have the powerful capabilities to work in conjunction with MTData’s extensive telematics and fleet management product suite.

MTData’s latest in-vehicle solution, Talon gives drivers the ability to enter in their mass declarations on the screen if their truck is fitted with electronic scales.

TCS have assisted transport companies utilise IAP Monitoring and On-Board Mass (OBM) systems to gain greater access to their state’s road networks by carrying heavier loads, since 2009.

This allows their drivers to do fewer trips, reduce wear and tear on the road, and realise significant productivity gains.

MTData and TCS are excited at the growth and the future of in-vehicle technology for IAP Monitoring and beyond, and will work together to lead the charge to new innovations for their customers.

For more information on IAP Monitoring and OBM systems, or our other telematics and fleet management solutions, please contact enquiries@mtdata.com.au.


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Published 31 January 2017