Key Benefits

  • Easy reporting of FBT exemptions
  • Save time for drivers to input trip information
  • ATO approved solution for peace of mind
  • Make tax-time reporting quick and simple

Key Features

  • Electronic logbook
  • Declare trips as business or personal
  • Enable editing of records until end of FBT year
  • Paperless FBT tax declaration

Minimise FBT payments

MTData’s Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) solution module is Australian Taxation Office (ATO) approved, to easily report FBT exemptions. Drivers classify trips electronically at trip commencement, saving time and ensuring fast FBT reporting.

With MTData’s Talon and Swift app, drivers simply log and classify their business trips on a device or their own mobile phone with just a few easy taps. Our integrated system collects data your drivers enter in real-time for up-to-date FBT data. Get data per driver or vehicle to get insight into how your fleet of vehicles are being utilised. This easy to use solution also allows automated record keeping.

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