Key Benefits

  • Provide peace of mind for management
  • Proactively prevent fatigue breaches
  • Improve safety & compliance
  • Manage Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations
  • Prompt for break if stationary

Key Features

  • Fatigue monitoring & alerting
  • Real-time driver fatigue data available
  • Electronic Work Diary Checker
  • Drivers can plan their rest periods

Proactive Fatigue Management – Complete Fatigue

Heavy vehicle fatigue management is a serious safety hazard and is a key consideration in ensuring safe commercial vehicle operation. Complete Fatigue is a proactive driver fatigue management system that equips both managers and drivers with all the required tools to manage work schedules, improve driver safety and maintain compliance.

Drivers can use the in-vehicle tablet Talon, to take required breaks for a standard 28-day cycle in accordance with Australian Fatigue Management Schemes (standard, BFM, AFM, and 2-UP). Drivers can view scheduled breaks, including duration required, at any point in their journey and receive on-screen notifications throughout the shift.

In the event of a fatigue breach, drivers receive visual and audible alerts and management is also notified. Automatic calculation of complex fatigue laws allows for improved accuracy and transparency for drivers and transport operators. This module significantly improves safety and reduces administrative burden.


Electronic Work Diary Checker

Using the web-based platform Hawk-Eye, managers can utilise an Electronic Work Diary (EWD) validation tool to electronically check, plan and review driver work schedules in line with all Australian Fatigue Schemes (Standard, AFM, BFM and 2-UP).

Clearly identify the available driving hours for each driver, when a break should be taken and the required duration of the break. Work, rest and break periods are all colour coded in Hawk-Eye, allowing for easy comprehension. Fatigue management breaches are shown in red to indicate where intervention is required. This tool can also be used as a stand-alone solution.