MTData continues as always to develop, improve, and implement new and innovative features to its product suite. Recently, cybersecurity has been a hot topic across the globe, which reminds us of the importance of securing user access and protecting data.

User access is something that not only affects Hawk-Eye users but also customers who depend on dedicated integrations with their data and system. With AuthR Single-Sign On, we have been able to strengthen and simplify the authentication process of user access to multiple applications.

Minimising vulnerabilities is also an important focus in cybersecurity to reduce the risk of these exposures being exploited to gain unauthorised access. A User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment is available for all MTData customers using APIs. We highly recommend taking advantage of this, to test integrations with new user access features, as part of an improved approval process before going live.

The latest versions will always be uploaded to this environment helping customers to stay ahead with their integrations.


To see how your business can strengthen security of your fleet data today, reach out to your Account Manager or contact us to speak to an expert.


Published 22 November 2022