We are pleased to welcome SECON Freight Logistics as a new customer! The Victorian-based transport company is growing fast and recognises the need for cutting edge management systems in order to service its customer base effectively.

SECON is a full service freight logistics company based across 3 key sites in Melbourne. Leveraging over 40 years of experience SECON specialises in containerised goods transportation, packing and unpacking of Full Container Loads (FCL), Warehousing and Bulk Services.

As part of a recent fleet review, SECON have installed an extensive range of our products into 31 of their trucks, including our fatigue management system, mass management (IAP Monitoring), and the integrated engine management system.

The company have also installed our latest in-vehicle driver tablet solution, Talon, which will give their transport operators and drivers access to a comprehensive range of features.

This includes, pre-trip, fit for duty declaration, fuel entry, electronic document management, proof of delivery, and engine data.

At MTData, we are continuously dedicated and committed to developing innovative solutions for our customers to assist them with compliance, enhancing their productivity, and reducing costs.

For more information on SECON services, please visit www.secon.com.au

If you would like to learn more about MTData’s fleet management solutions, please contact us on 1300 683 282 or enquiries@mtdata.com.au.

Published 07 July 2016