This year, MTData is celebrating its 20-year anniversary, providing an excellent opportunity to look back at its history in the telematics industry.

The company was founded in 2003 and began selling a basic 3020 GPS tracking device. Early customers in that year included Civic Couriers and many service industry customers. Later in 2003, MTData signed its first transport customers, including Wakefield Transport, Glen Cameron Group, Bunker Freight Lines, and many others, resulting in the product range expanding to include CANBus engine interfaces, G-Force Sensors, and screens being fitted into trucks.

In 2004, MTData and its leading transport customers were at the forefront of compliance with proactive fatigue management, warning drivers when to have breaks, the length of breaks, speed alerts, etc. The company rapidly expanded to pre and post-trip checks, job dispatch, and the expansion of features, which continues to this day.

In the same year, MTData launched a taxi division, which began development on a taxi dispatch system. The system went live for the first time in Australia in 2007, and by 2010, 95% of Australia’s taxis were using MTData. This system also became the dominant taxi dispatch system used in New Zealand, was sold in the UK from 2009, and from 2011, it was sold into 50 cities across North America, Finland, Denmark, and other parts of the world. MTData’s telematics growth and innovation continued in subsequent years with the launch of new technologies, such as personnel tracking devices with the 3028 unit sold to police forces and security services, 3G tracking units with models 3025 and 3026, and expansions into precision farming with companies such as Mackay Sugar and CSR.

The company also expanded its global presence with the opening of offices in the Middle East, New Zealand, and each state of Australia. In 2008, MTData introduced its low-cost e-commerce brand EagleTrack, as well as also launching trailer tracking units with models 1040 and 1041 and supplied trailer tracking devices to the transport industry.

MTData focused on developing new products to meet evolving customer needs, exemplified by the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) launched in July of 2008, including the release of the 5081 and matching software. MTData’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction led to the development of additional services, such as satellite modems for remote areas and support for new markets.

MTData was the dominant supplier in the Transport and Taxi Industry for many years, with Toll, Qube, Booth, Collins, K&S/Scotts of Mt Gambier, Greenfreight, Wettenhall’s, Wickham Freightlines, BIS Industries, Bevchain, IES (now Rivet), and Rodney’s Transport using the platform.

The acquisition of TCS in 2016 allowed MTData to expand its transportation compliance offerings. The introduction of Samsung tablets and connected MDVR camera solutions provided a more flexible and user-friendly way for customers to access MTData’s technology from a safety and utilisation perspective. The signing of a contract with Kalari underlined MTData’s growth in the logistics industry.

MTData’s sustained growth in the transportation industry came from its focus on developing new products and expanding its customer base. Telstra’s acquisition of MTData in 2017 provided the company with greater resources to continue innovating. MTData released new products to address customer needs, as evidenced by contracts signed with Linfox, FBT Transwest, SCT Logistics, SRT Logistics, Cement Australia, Dutt Transport, and IOR Petroleum. MTData’s dedication to meeting each customer’s unique needs was demonstrated through the tailored solutions it provided.

The company’s focus on meeting the needs of its customers resulted in the signing of contracts with Suez Environmental, Greyhound Australia, Followmont Transport, ACFS, and DHL. To provide tailored solutions for these customers, MTData has developed innovative products that address their specific challenges. This dedication to meeting customer needs has helped establish the company as a trusted partner in the transportation industry.

MTData is committed to staying at the forefront of transportation technology, investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, as well as next-generation data analytics. The company’s investment in these technologies will enable it to provide even more sophisticated and tailored transportation solutions to its clients, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. With a long and successful history, MTData has proven that it will continue to shape the transportation industry for years to come.

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, MTData recognises the need to stay ahead of the curve to continue providing cutting-edge solutions to its customers. To achieve this goal, the company has heavily invested in AI and machine learning, which are increasingly being used in the transportation industry to optimise operations and improve efficiency.

MTData is also investing in next-generation data analytics, which will provide customers with greater insights into their fleet operations. This technology will enable customers to make more informed decisions about how to optimise their operations, and by providing near real-time data and analytics, MTData is empowering them to make proactive decisions that can help them stay ahead of the competition.

MTData’s continued focus on innovation and technology has helped solidify its position as a leader in the transportation industry. By investing in AI, machine learning, and next-generation data analytics, the company is well-positioned to continue shaping the industry for years to come. With a commitment to meeting customer needs and a dedication to staying ahead of the curve in technological advancements, MTData is poised for continued success in the transportation industry.

Published 20 April 2023