Road safety is a significant factor for transport operators. It’s critical that drivers are fit and able to perform their duties. Not only as a matter public safety but also to protect the company from the harmful impacts of a fatigue related incident.

As the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) continues an in-depth review of heavy vehicle laws, operators are calling for fatigue laws to recognise the impact telematics have in simply and easily maintaining fatigue compliance.

MTData has your drivers covered with Complete Fatigue – a solution specifically designed to maintain a high standard of performance, while supporting drivers to easily manage their breaks. They receive audio and visual alerts in-vehicle and receive prompts when stationery for prolonged periods of time and can even retroactively list period rest and working but not driving.

Managers can access real-time information about the status of each driver and receive immediate notification if there’s a breach, identifying there may be exposure to a potential fatigue related incident. Centralised information is available via web-based platform, Hawk-Eye and can be viewed wherever you are. Detailed summary reports are available to download, and ongoing non-conformance management couldn’t be easier.

Conscientious drivers keep this country moving, day in and day out. They want to do the right thing. Don’t let accidental mistakes in manually managing fatigue, bring you undone. Chat to us today about how our solutions support maintaining safety on the roads.

Published 04 September 2020