Ensure that your drivers are provided with all their required documentation when out on the road and help them to operate safely, smoothly and efficiently with our electronic document management feature.

Available on our latest in-vehicle driver tablet solution Talon, the electronic document management features provides driver’s with access to all the required documentation at their fingertips out on the road.

This invaluable feature eliminates paperwork handling and the possibility of a driver misplacing a document.

Directly from Hawk-Eye (our web-based software), operators and compliance managers can directly send documents to the entire fleet or specific drivers, which is then stored in Talon’s library.

It can be accessed by drivers at any time, preparing them for roadside inspections. These include licenses, permits, gazettes, on-site instructions, and Safe Journey Plans (SJP).

Your business will experience benefits like saving time, space and resources, as drivers receive notifications of a new uploaded document. Operations and compliance managers will have the ‘piece of mind’ knowing that the important documents will not go missing.

Electronic document management can add many productivity benefits to your operations as it centralises documents for your drivers in Talon, so the information can be quickly accessed across your entire operation.

Here at MTData, we are continuously dedicated to supporting your operations team and drivers, assisting them wherever possible with new tools and features.

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Published 01 July 2016