Here Maps provides users with a high-resolution mapping experience, premium features including truck routing attributes, frequently updated maps and is better suited to enterprise solutions.

These features are integral to the transport sector and will provide you with a more integrated and developed mapping experience.

Hawk-Eye’s features and tools will remain untouched, however it will just have a new and fresh mapping experience enabling you to manage your assets in smarter ways.

It offers users additional features including the Truck and Terrain view displaying additional vehicle information to assist operators with managing and planning.

The Truck view displays the weight, length and height restrictions for each road on the map, whilst the Terrain view displays the height and elevations of the land with colour coded shading.

Here Maps will progressively be released to MTData hosted customers between December 2015 to January 2016, enabling a smooth transition.

Once the changeover has occurred to your fleet, you will simply login and there will be a notification box to let you know Here Maps is now your new mapping provider.

We are excited about this new change and are sure you will enjoy it!

If you would like to learn about Here Maps, click here.

Published 15 December 2015