As an associate member of the Australian Logistics Council (ALC), we are excited to be attending the 2017 ALC Forum.

The Forum will be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground from Tuesday March 7 to Thursday March 9, 2017, and is the largest gathering for key policy makers and leaders of the Australian logistics industry.

The theme of the Forum will focus on “Getting the Supply Chain Right”, which stems from the issues that the ALC identified in their election priorities document of the same title.

It will feature talks discussing key issues from the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy, such as industry structure, planning, freight on rail, road pricing reform, road safety and technology as a drier of efficiency and safety.

At the Forum, we will be showcasing and discussing Talon, our in-vehicle driver tablet solution, our proactive fatigue management system, mass management system (including IAP), and much more.

We look forward to chatting with existing customers, and meeting and making new ones throughout the Forum.

If you would like more information on our telematics and fleet management solutions, please contact us on

Published 20 February 2017