Key Facts

  • Fleet of 600+ vehicles
  • Operate Australia-wide
  • Two monitoring centres in WA & QLD
  • Partnered with MTData since 2015

Solutions Implemented

  • Hawk-Eye, MTData's web-based software
  • In-vehicle driver tablet solution, Talon
  • Tracking unit
  • Complete Fatigue


Qube Bulk is one of Australia’s leading Transport & Logistics operators with 600+ company vehicles and an extensive range of trailers. Qube Bulk caters for the full range of bulk material handling services, stockpile management and bulk ship loading.

Using road and rail transport, Qube Bulk transports nation-wide with a focus on value for money, consistent performance and safety. National ICT Manager, Ashlen Naicker, says “We utilise the data generated from the MTData system to ensure the wellbeing of our drivers, projects, clients and company reputation.” Adding “That’s how much we rely on and trust the telemetry that’s being generated.”

Operator safety and productivity are critical values for Qube Bulk. MTData technology enables them “to maintain a very high safety standard because of the culture fostered by using the data generated.”

“We needed full visibility to make sure everyone gets home safely and to ensure our assets are utilised to the full extent.

– National ICT Manager, Ashlen Naicker

Qube Bulk is pleased to report that “MTData took time to understand why we need certain information to allow us to report honestly and transparently with our clients.” Adding “That’s what builds trust between companies. Whenever we’ve had an issue, we’ve had excellent support from the Account Managers and the Customer Support team in Melbourne.”

We are pleased that Qube Bulk identifies their relationship with MTData as key to their success. Seeing MTData as “a partner in everything we do. It’s more than just technology. It is a way of doing business that’s become part of our DNA and our culture.” Qube Bulk have been awarded many contracts based on their technology offerings, high safety and efficiency standards complemented by the MTData platform.

Qube Bulk have monitoring centres in Western Australia and Queensland, pulling in live data from projects around Australia and they “use the MTData solutions for all the moving assets that have the Qube Bulk logo.”

“Clients traditionally queried operational efficiencies relating to projects. Now we can show them the actual causes direct from the driver and asset, represented graphically in dashboards which are readily available for clients to access.

– National ICT Manager, Ashlen Naicker

MTData technology improves efficiency by “automating and pushing alerts out to supervisors in the field, complementing the Fleet Monitoring Centre analysts.” Real-time data on speed, engine management, driver fatigue and behaviours, is now so much “more fluid and rapid” that they were able to reduce costs and relocate resources to other areas of the business.

Drivers use Complete Fatigue to proactively manage their fatigue while working. By automating the complex task of calculating various fatigue laws, Qube Bulk ensures that drivers can easily take responsibility for their fatigue compliance. Naicker comments that “The system enables Qube Bulk to proactively monitor, manage and respond to fatigue. Safeguarding our operators, projects and contributing to a Zero Harm environment.”

By integrating MTData’s Jobs module with bespoke Transport Management System, Connect, Qube Bulk have been able to expedite electronic job dispatch. Further improving customer experience with clear tracking of delivery times, while improving fleet utilisation to reduce costly downtime.

“Not a lot of companies go this deep into integration as well as providing great after-sales support.”

– National ICT Manager, Ashlen Naicker

Qube Bulk captures product tonnage through MTData’s Mass Declaration module or through the Jobs module allowing for greater accuracy and ease in live monitoring. Qube Bulk has also integrated weighbridges into the MTData job allocation modules permitting automatic tonnage submissions which has underpinned the real-time production information environment.

Having used the MTData system for over five years, Qube Bulk says it’s “a very robust product that continues to evolve and becomes better and even more stable with every iteration. It’s become a product that we absolutely depend on.” This business-critical partnership provides Qube Bulk with “a granular data set that allows us to change the landscape of how we operate and to improve on safety.”

As Qube Bulk continues to implement a roll out across their fleet, they anticipate even higher returns on investment, increased productivity and improved safety.

When asked would they recommend MTData as a telematics partner, Naicker says “Yes, because MTData are industry leaders in the integrated vehicle management arena. There’s no question of that. The telemetry, the inter-operability and the analytics – are second to none.”


Published 12 June 2020