MTData’s web-based platform, Hawk-Eye, connects drivers with management. Staying connected with your fleet has never been easier. This centralised platform enables you to make informed decisions and take action immediately.

As a web-based platform, the data can be viewed wherever you are via computer, tablet or phone App. Having phone access means you can monitor activity at any time. No matter where you are.

Under Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation, Transport & Logistics companies are required to demonstrate that they’ve taken all practicable measures to keep staff, road users and customers safe. When MTData’s Hawk-Eye is paired with the integrated driver tool, Talon, it’s easy to comply with strict safety obligations protecting all in the supply chain, from the driver, to the manager, right through to the company owner.

There are significant cost savings in running a fleet efficiently. Not to mention the time saved by collecting data digitally. MTData’s solutions are customisable and enable productivity gains to provide a competitive edge. Full visibility of detailed metrics allows you to streamline operations and keep staff safe.

It’s much more than tracking vehicles and assets:

  • Mapping for truck-appropriate routes
  • Driver login
  • Pre-start checklist
  • Fit for duty declaration
  • Proactive fatigue management
  • Driver alerts for preventative safety
  • Driver feedback / Scorecard
  • Manager notification of accidents or breaches
  • Load restraint
  • Mass management
  • IAP certified provider
  • Two-way communication
  • Electronic document management
  • Insights for end customers
  • Engine data for maintenance
  • Duress switch

MTData’s solutions keep busy people on the move. Making it simple to stay connected, identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

Published 01 June 2020