The National Transport Commission is reviewing the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) with a view to simplify how to manage fatigue related risk. Drivers know they must get the job done efficiently and they also recognise their body’s need for rest. Regulators take this important factor very seriously in order to protect drivers and other road users. There are many different perspectives on how best to manage fatigue. One thing is clear however, safety must come first.

MTData’s Complete Fatigue solution is specifically designed to proactively support drivers in taking the required breaks and plan their shift accordingly. Managers receive the insight they need to ensure that compliance is always maintained. Risk minimisation is paramount in transport. MTData has spent almost 20 years working closely with industry to develop solutions that specifically address the needs of transport operators.

Diesel Magazine’s whitepaper highlights the likelihood that companies who use technology for fatigue management, may be able to enjoy more flexible fatigue schemes. The whitepaper features an editorial from MTData’s COO, Ben Ditfort, discussing the exciting prospect of our Electronic Work Diary (EWD) tool which is currently being assessed for certification.

Speak to us today about how our Complete Fatigue solution alerts the driver via the in-vehicle tablet, Talon, to support you in maintaining safety and compliance. Read more here.

Published 27 July 2020