Stevemacs Bulk Fuel Haulage, located in Welshpool, Western Australia specialises in carting bulk petroleum products, and have steadily grown its profile within the transport industry.

Established in 2003, Stevemacs transports throughout WA including Albany, Kalgoorlie and Esperance.

Since the 2011 implementation, Stevemacs have been operating MTData’s proactive fatigue management system across its fleet of 70 plus vehicles.

Owner of Stevemacs, Steve McWhirter said that he values MTData’s fatigue system and its ability to display his drivers work and break information clearly and promptly through the web-based software, Hawk-Eye.

“With MTData’s fatigue software, it makes it a lot easier to do our job,” Mr McWhirter said.

“I like to see how many hours our drivers have done for the week so we have the option to preschedule and plan for the next week.”

MTData’s Hawk-Eye V7 technology have provided businesses with an integrated proactive fatigue management solution that will aid management to be efficient.

The solution will also increase their visibility of drivers working hours and break times assisting them to meet compliance requirements.

Transport Scheduler at Stevemacs, Stuart Probert, said that MTData’s Hawk-Eye technology has given his staff and customers a lot of benefits.

“The system allows us to tell our customers when they are going to receive their deliveries,” Mr Probert said.

“From a safety perspective, if we see any incidents on roads or road closures we are able to tell our drivers before they get caught up in traffic jams.

“We like that the system is very user friendly and it gives us up-to-date insight into where our fleet is at any one time.

“The system has encouraged our drivers to be accountable and to take breaks as per the state law.”

Drivers use the in-vehicle screen that operate the fatigue software, and are prompted to take breaks. The in-vehicle screen visually and audibly alerts drivers of upcoming breaks, how long until a break is required, the duration required, and if they have breached their driving allowance.

Mr Probert said that the solution has allowed him to monitor drivers work and rest time from anywhere in Australia.

“We have drivers that go out on four day runs and now we have a guy that is in the middle of the desert and I can track him and monitor his breaks,” he said.

“Some of our guys do 17 hour days and it is integral to make sure that they are managing their fatigue so MTData’s solution has become a very important tool for us.”

Mr Probert said that the fatigue system is excellent in covering all the information that includes driver hours, work and break times and “it reduces overall paperwork.”

“The system has given us live access to driver’s hours and it allows us to confirm up to the minute whether they have exceeded their driving hours,” Mr Probert said.

“It also gives us full clarity in terms of where drivers are up to, all in one package.

“I like that not only is there an option to view previous work, but we are also able to view a wider history of vehicle data.”

Published 04 April 2016