MTData and Transport Compliance Services (TCS) are pleased to welcome the NSW government’s announcement of the Safety, Productivity & Environment Construction Transport Scheme (SPECTS).

SPECTS will improve road access for Performance Based Standard (PBS) vehicle configurations, carrying construction materials for infrastructure projects.

These projects identified by the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), require trucking and construction businesses to pass the rigorous national 16 safety standards.

The new Scheme requires operators to fit their vehicles with weigh-scales and On-Board Mass (OBM) Systems that are linked and enrolled in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP).

This is where MTData comes in.

MTData, in association with TCS, offers IAP to monitor Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) for heavy vehicle combinations, helping to improve mass compliance for the operators and driver’s, and achieve incremental savings by loading the correct mass.

Utilising MTData’s mass management solution can improve daily operational efficiencies, maximise margins, and the RMS have estimated that transport operators using the Scheme can enhance their productivity benefits of up to $100,000[1] per truck per year.

PBS vehicle configurations are now permitted to travel on all government approved roads in NSW urban zones, throughout Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong (not including, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Gasworks Bridge in Parramatta).

Trucks under the new Scheme will be able to carry an increased load capacity up to 20 percent[2] to and from work sites.

SPECTS gives driver’s greater access to the states road network, reduces wear and tear on local and major roads (1,000 less trips across the state each week), eases congestion, and also saves costs and time for the transport operators.

This Scheme aims to give trucking and construction operator’s greater productivity and efficiency gains, meet Occupational Health and Safety Standards (OH&S), and monitor driver behaviour and performance through the reporting of the IAP monitoring.

To participate in the Scheme trucking and construction businesses must have either of these combinations installed:

  • Truck and Dog combinations (six-axle) carrying 49.5 tonne
  • Truck and Dog combinations (seven-axle) 57.5 tonne
  • Semi-trailers (seven-axle) 50.5 tonnes

SPECTS will commence operations from July 1, 2016.

Interested in the IAP solution? Want to know more? Contact MTData on 1300 683 282 for more information.

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Published 29 June 2016