MTData now supports Single Sign-On authentication

Automate security access and authentication for your digital fleet workplace with Single Sign-On.

MTData has implemented a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution across our suite of web applications. Integrating Single Sign-On will strengthen cyber security, along with enabling improved efficiency of managing and working across multiple applications.

MTData has built a new Identity and Access Management service, AuthR, to securely manage user access across our web applications including Hawk-Eye, EWD, Fleet Manager and more.

How does SSO work with MTData applications?

MTData’s product suite comprises a variety of tools and applications to provide support for unique business needs. An SSO solution helps users to navigate and access these multiple applications with one set of login credentials, simplifying the access process while at the same time boosting the security of the same process.

MTData integrates with your Authentication.

MTData web applications currently support integration with OKTA, ADFS and Microsoft Azure AD. Migrate your MTData applications to your centralised access management for a seamless experience.


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Published 10 November 2022