Transport businesses can encourage safer driving with our new proactive alerting tool, Point of Interest (POI). Using our web-based software, Hawk-Eye, operators can set proactive alerts and instructions regarding specific areas that drivers need to be aware of and take extra caution.

It is as simple as operators and compliance managers identifying an area as a waypoint (geo-fence) or selecting a point on a map in Hawk-Eye, defining it as a ‘Point of Interest’. When drivers enter the POI range, they are provided with an in-cab alert with the precautions and/or instructions.

Examples could include:

  • Setting a steep hill descent as a POI, instructing drivers on approach to engage a lower gear
  • Setting a fixed road speed camera as a POI, on approach drivers are instructed to drop the speed below 40km/h
  • Setting a sharp corner as a POI, instructing drivers to drop the speed below 50km/h before the bend
  • And much more

To avoid distracting drivers, there is an auto-dismiss feature and text-to-speech announcements.

Enabling proactive management if drivers ignore the POI alerts, this will trigger notifications for management, and points can be deducted from their profile.

Here at MTData, we are continually developing new tools and features that will help our customers achieve the most out of our technology.

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Published 08 July 2016