Queensland and New South Wales have recently joined Victoria and Tasmania in offering productivity schemes for heavy vehicles using Smart OBM.

The expansion of these schemes into Queensland and New South Wales reduces the barriers between states and sharing data for seamless transportation across jurisdictions. As we move to harmonise telematics monitoring for heavy vehicles, a consistent approach nationwide will deliver operational efficiencies and cost savings to industry, cross-border efficiencies, and telematics data to analyse and improve road networks. Transport operators are no longer required to have different OBM solutions when they enter different states.

To participate in the scheme, transport operators must meet the requirements specified within the applicable national or state Performance-Based Standards (PBS) notice. PBS road network access in NSW is based on four PBS performance levels (1–4) and access classes ‘A’ and ‘B’ as stated in the PBS Network Classification Guidelines.

An eligible vehicle must be fitted with a TCA-approved telematics device to participate. As a fully certified TCA approved Application Service Provider, MTData provides approved telematics technology, integrating with a range of scale systems including LoadSMART, LoadRite, E-Max, Loadman and Tramanco.

A Smart OBM system automatically sends data of a heavy vehicle’s axle-group mass, along with the location at the time of reading, via an TMA (or IAP) system to Transport Certification Australia (TCA) at regular intervals to validate compliance at any given time. The location data can also be used to verify any permits associated with a vehicle. Our in-vehicle driver tablet and app, Talon, will display the weights to the driver.

Contact us today, to get more information on enrolling into productivity schemes across jurisdictions your business operates within.

More information about TMA PBS and Smart OBM requirements:

QLD: https://tca.gov.au/scheme/tma-pbs-vehicle-mass-monitoring-scheme-qld/

NSW: https://tca.gov.au/scheme/tma-pbs-level-1-to-4-vehicle-monitoring-schemes/

Published 16 December 2022