MTData is proud to announce the purchase of Transport Compliance Services Pty Ltd (TCS).

Certified by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) since 2009, TCS is an Intelligent Access Program (IAP) Service Provider for the Australian transport industry. This includes monitoring Higher Mass Limits (HML), Cranes and Overmass, and Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicle configurations.

TCS was a joint venture founded by three well established companies, one of them being MTData, and was formed for the specific purpose of being an IAP Service Provider for the transport industry.

TCS have assisted transport businesses utilise IAP Monitoring and On-Board Mass (OBM) systems to gain greater access to their state’s road networks by carrying heavier loads, allowing them to do fewer trips, reduce wear and tear and increase productivity.

MTData’s CEO, Matthew Bellizia, says, “The acquisition of TCS continues MTData’s dedication and commitment to providing the Australian transport industry with innovative and leading fleet management technology, and will enable our customers to benefit from reduced costs, improved productivity and compliance.”

The acquisition will be a seamless and smooth transition as the day-to-day operations for customers will remain unchanged.

The TCS name will remain the same and they will continue to supply certified services for IAP Monitoring and On-Board Mass systems linked to the IAP. Transport Compliance Services Pty Ltd will relocate to MTData’s head office in Mulgrave, VIC, and TCS customers will be contacted with new administration details.

MTData and TCS look forward to assisting Transport Operators gain further productivity gains with a number of new IAP and OBM applications available, including the RMS SPECTS scheme in NSW, and PBS 50.5t Quad-Semi Trailers in Victoria.

TCS’s General Manager, Sally Fisher says, “We are excited about this change, as it will provide us and our customers with greater resources and will enable us to leverage off MTData’s strong position in the market. I believe that the acquisition shows great confidence in the Australian regulatory telematics sector, and allows industry leader, MTData, to further invest in cutting edge technology for transport operators.”

For any further information or any customer queries, please contact MTData on 1300 683 282.

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Published 13 July 2016