A message from our CEO

We wish to provide an update on the precautions and measures that MTData is taking due to the fast-changing situation of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

MTData is following the advice of our parent company (Telstra), and the Department of Health to minimise the risk to our employees, customers, contractors and visitors.

MTData have implemented a “Work from Home” arrangement for most of our departments, and in addition we have implemented a hygiene policy in line with the Department of Health guidelines (see link below).


The “Work from Home” policy is designed to have minimal impact on the service we provide to our customers.

Our Field Technicians are an integral part of our workforce and their welfare is paramount to maintaining effective servicing of our customers. For this reason, we ask that where possible, drivers be kept out of customer operations offices and communication is to be conducted at a safe distance or through serving hatches/ access windows where available. This will help maintain a safe distance between our staff and customer staff.

MTData Technicians visiting customer sites must in addition to the above, refer to any customer rules or policies that may be in force.

MTData will continue to monitor the alerts and updates from the Department of Health and take further advice from our parent company.

Please reach out to your MTData Account Manager or Customer Support if you have any concerns or questions about your interactions with us.

We thank you for your ongoing support.

Matthew Bellizia

Published 17 March 2020