MTData would like to welcome Geographe Petroleum as a new customer.

Estalished in 1973, the Western Australian petroleum company based in Busselton services its customers in the South West by providing bulk fuel deliveries of quality Caltex lubricants to retail, commercial, industrial, agricultural companies.

In addition to implementing MTData’s advanced tracking system, Geographe Petroleum also utilises our in-vehicle driver tablet solution, Talon, and also our proactive fatigue management system.

This enables Geographe Petroleum to view real-time location statuses of each vehicle, stay connected with their drivers, and helps to prevent fatigue breaches as our system proactively alerts drivers of upcoming rest times and breaks.

Director and co-owner of Geographe Petroleum, Rodney Johnston said that installing tracking into his fleet was a key deciding factor in choosing MTData.

“Before we implemented MTData’s tracking system, I had no idea where a truck was and the driver wouldn’t answer the phone,” Mr Johnston explained.

“It was stressful trying to find where the driver was and was a scheduling nightmare that we needed to fix.”

Maintaining driver safety and compliance was also important to Geographe Petroleum, Mr Johnston said.

“The main reason that we got MTData was to increase our compliance,” Mr Johnston concluded.

“We also wanted to know where all our customers’ bases were, and know where our trucks were at any given time, so now with MTData’s fleet management system in place, it’s all mapped and we can sort out any issues.”

MTData is proud to have Geographe Petroleum on board, and look forward to assisting them maintain compliance standards.

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Published 26 October 2016