As we seek to reduce pollution to build a more environmentally friendly world, we will see more and more green vehicles on the road with low carbon emissions running on more efficient energy. It’s an exciting and positive transformation in the automotive industry with better solutions and innovative technology.

MTData is working to support the next generation of greener, more sustainable vehicles. In driving towards a greener future, we are conducting tests to support Hybrid, Battery Electric and Hydrogen Fuel-cell in light and heavy vehicle applications.

Recently, we tested our telematics technology with the Toyota Mirai, one of only a few in Australia. The Mirai is powered by hydrogen and only emits water, making it an emission-free vehicle.

Aaron Balthazaar, MTData’s Chief Innovation Officer, ensures research and development of new technology are designed for vehicles on the road today as well as fleets of tomorrow. “Along with EVs, we see that Hydrogen will play a significant role in light and heavy vehicle transportation in the coming decade. We are building our next generation of telematics devices to be capable of supporting this future.”

Being at the forefront of vehicle technology is critical to ensuring that MTData’s solutions remains as one of the most advanced telematics providers in a market that is evolving towards a sustainable future.

While adopting cleaner energy and greener vehicles will reduce carbon emissions, telematics technology can further promote efficient energy consumption and minimise emissions with access to vehicle data and performance. Businesses operating fleets can identify excess use, uneconomical travel routes and much more valuable insights by connecting their vehicles to a telematics system.

We are starting to see more green vehicles on the road today and it’s clear that the numbers will only grow in the future.

Published 07 December 2022