Key Facts

  • Savings of 293kms of travel
  • Reduction of 3.5 hours of driving
  • Reduction in staff requirement

A family-run business based in Adelaide, HPS Transport has been in operation for more than 30 years. HPS have a range of depots spanning across Western Australia and South Australia including depots in both Perth and Adelaide.

Specialising in transporting perishable and temperature sensitive goods, HPS strives to offer a personalised and reliable service to all their customers.

Since the announcement that Roadtrains would now be allowed to travel on Greenmount Hill, subject to several conditions, HPS and MTData have been working together to make the most of the benefits.

MTData provided HPS with all the services necessary to gain approval. These services included a driver fatigue and distraction monitoring system, an in-vehicle telematics unit, as well as an eight camera system that features at least one forward-facing camera, one rear-facing camera, and one rear facing camera mounted on the drivers side of the vehicle.

The benefits that HPS saw stretched far beyond having less trucks on the road as they are now saving approximately 293kms worth of fuel with every trip. This reduction in kilometres has also resulted in a reduction of time on the road by approximately 3.5 hours. HPS also saw a drop in truck movement and delays due to additional movements; which is imperative for products with a short shelf life. This has ultimately resulted in pressure being taken off their operations team when it came to co-ordinating additional movements.

The partnership between HPS Transport and MTData have made what was once impossible now very much a day-today procedure that has seen both road safety and productivity increase dramatically.

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Published 16 May 2023