Key Facts

  • Mixed fleet of over 100 vehicles
  • Western Australia with five state-wide locations
  • A leader in the Landscape and Maintenance Construction industry

Environmental Industries has been managing their fleet of vehicles with MTData telematics technology and software for years and know a great deal about how to successfully operate a high performing large fleet.

With over 40 years delivering projects across Western Australia, Environmental Industries has been responsible for major landscape installations and maintenance projects for many well-known and significant environmental developments in the state. They also own and operate a major production facility called ‘The Seedling Factory’, currently providing approximately 65% of Western Australia’s vegetable seedling requirements, with total seedling production exceeding 70 million per annum.

With five locations across Western Australia, Environmental Industries operate a mixed fleet of over 100 vehicles from light vehicles for office staff to tractors and other heavy vehicles to complete landscape construction and maintenance projects.

Brendon Winterbourn, General Manager, has been with Environmental Industries for many years and shares his testimony of the benefits of MTData’s telematics system with a success story involving the recovery of a truck.

What otherwise would have been a typical morning changed when an employee discovered that a truck was missing from their compound in Ellenbrook. While vehicle thefts are a rare situation for the company, the employee contacted his supervisor who immediately knew to begin investigating by accessing the missing vehicle’s GPS tracking data on Hawk-Eye, MTData’s fleet management software. The police were notified with information on the vehicle’s live and historic location with times. From there, they were able to find and charge the offenders before 7am, who ended up in a location just 20 minutes away from the site.

While the truck had been found with around $5,000 in damages, the cost of losing the truck and the valuable tools kept inside would have been significantly more to the business in productivity and potential revenue, on top of the loss of a high-cost asset. A telematics system enabled Environmental Industries to minimise asset loss and make the process easier when working with law enforcement and insurance providers.

“MTData’s telematics has been great for transparency for the company. If someone is looking for an excavator for a job, we can find out where one is and work out when it can be available to be used.”

– General Manager, Brendon Winterbourn

Environmental Industries has been a customer of MTData for almost 20 years and was one of the first customers in Western Australia for MTData. “MTData’s telematics has been great for transparency for the company”, Brendon explains. The system has allowed the company to streamline their processes for efficiency and productivity. “If someone is looking for an excavator for a job, we can find out where one is and work out when it can be available to be used.” Being able to manage resources across multiple sites is critical to delivering their services on time and with high quality results.

Environmental Industries gives access to the system to all employees with a company mobile phone and is proud that they are able to “provide transparency for every worker” and not just for their customers who demand regular updates and correct information. Achieving this level of information flow instils the confidence of workers and builds trust in teams to get the job done together.

Over the years, the telematics technology has evolved to the changing needs of operating a large fleet. Environmental Industries’ longstanding relationship with MTData is a true testament of their confidence in the advantages of being connected with telematics technology and solutions.


Variety of vehicles parked on public park space with workers showing Environmental Industries fleet. Three Environmental Industries fleet vehicles parked in a row.

Published 18 August 2021