Queensland, November 5, 2015

We are excited to announce that Aldi, the Queensland branch, have installed MTData’s technology into its first 50 units of trailers, with more to follow.

Aldi have implemented MTData’s independent trailer tracking solution, which enables users to monitor the live location of their trailers- 24/7- without having to contact the driver or the transport company. Aldi have also embraced MTData’s refrigeration temperature monitoring system, which will assist Aldi to meet Cold Chain Compliance. The solution helps Aldi to avoid damaged stock and ensure products are delivered at the correct temperature. For instances where the temperature has exceeded the set tolerance range, Aldi have access to reporting and alerting to be proactive in their operations.

To further enhance Aldi’s stocks protection, MTData have implemented a security measure. In the event of a trailer being tampered with, such as when the trailer door is opened when it is not located at an Aldi depot or a designated distribution centre, management are provided with alerts.

We are excited to partner with Aldi and look forward to working with them for the coming years to help improve their fleet compliance and efficiency.

Published 04 November 2015