Fuel Distributors of Western Australia (FDWA) Pty Ltd joins MTData as a new customer and will be implementing our wide-range of telematics and fleet management solutions throughout their fleet of 38 trucks.

Operating in the fuel industry for over a decade, FDWA distributes bulk fuels and lubricants across the Western Australian market; and provide services to commercial businesses, service retailers and local government municipalities.

Fuel Distributors of WA have adopted Talon, our in-vehicle tablet solution, which provides both managers and drivers with a comprehensive range of features including pre-trip questionnaires, fit for duty declaration, fuel entry, electronic document management, proof of delivery, and two-way messaging.

They are also fitting our integrated truck camera system and emergency duress kits, providing extra safety for their drivers.

In addition, the company have also implemented our proactive fatigue management system as well as our mass management solution including IAP Monitoring to assist with compliance requirements.

For more information on Fuel Distributors of Western Australia, please visit http://fdwa.com.au/.

If you would like to learn more about MTData’s fleet management solutions, please contact us at enquiries@mtdata.com.au.

Published 10 January 2017