IAP, OBM & Mass Management

Mass management solutions including, IAP (Intelligent Access Program) monitoring, and OBM (On-Board Mass). Our solution integrates with electronic on-board scales.

Key features

  • IAP monitoring through TCS
  • On-Board Mass (OBM) system through TCS
  • Electronic on-board mass management system
  • Integrates with vehicle’s electronic scales
  • Alerts for exceeding the allowable mass limit

Key benefits

  • Improved weight operator & driver compliance
  • Consequent savings by correct loading
  • Maximise payloads and productivity
  • Mass reports and receipts used for auditing
  • Identify underutilised vehicles

Mass Management

We have a mass management solution to help manage your On-Board Mass! Drivers can manually enter their declarations or it will automatically display on our driver screen if the trucks are fitted with electronic scales. The mass and vehicle configurations can be defined by operators, and if a driver declares over the allowable limit, they will be prompted with a warning.

IAP Monitoring (Intelligent Access Program)

Our solution provides transport operators with greater road access, increases their productivity, and maximises their profit through IAP services. Our in-vehicle driver screen has been developed to support IAP monitoring through our certified IAP Service Provider, Transport Compliance Services (TCS). TCS are a joint venture company part owned by MTData.

On-Board Mass (OBM) through TCS

The use of IAP services linked to an approved OBM system gives transport operators the opportunity to unlock significant productivity and profitability gains. You can do this by utilising high productivity vehicles and additional routes. Our IAP in-vehicle screen is approved to support OBM systems.

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