Engine Management & Scheduled Maintenance

Obtain engine data, including oil temperature, RPM’s, pressure, and odometer readings and our maintenance feature will notify you of upcoming services.

Key features

  • Schedule due vehicle maintenance
  • Receive notifications for due services
  • Engine management interface (ECM)
  • Set alerts to monitor irregular engine parameters
  • Maintenance is made simple with colour coding

Key benefits

  • Immediately identify engine irregularities
  • Keep your vehicles on the road
  • Enables proactive management for vehicles
  • Ensure vehicles are compliant and roadworthy
  • Reduce costs and improve vehicle efficiency

Engine Management (ECM)

Access live engine data across your fleet, including the ability to track oil temperature, pressures, coolant temperature, RPM, odometer readings, engine hours, and fuel consumptions. This information is coupled with distance travelled and engine hours, and integrates with Hawk-Eye’s maintenance scheduling to help keep your fleet roadworthy and compliant.

Schedule Vehicle Maintenance

Incorporated into Hawk-Eye, is an easy to use workshop service and maintenance scheduler. Notification emails and colour-coded statuses will advise you when your vehicle is nearing a due service, and the type of service required. Services can be programmed via a date, odometer kilometres, and/or engine hours.

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VTA State Conference 2020

Monday 2 March - 3 March 2020

The annual VTA State Conference is next month and MTData will be presenting. Addressing this year’s theme ‘Managing Increased Demand’.

We are proud to announce that Transport Compliance Services (TCS), a subsidiary of MTData, has been certified as a provider of Hill Descent Monitoring (HDM).


Supply Chain Safety Summit 2019 (ALC)

Monday 16 September - 17 September 2019

Australia’s leading supply chain event is back in September. As National Sponsors of the Australian Logistics Council (ALC), we are thrilled to be part of it.