Electronic Documents & Safe Journey Plan

Electronically send and store all the required documentation to drivers, including licenses, gazettes, permits and safe journey plans.

Key features

  • Electronically send gazettes/permits directly to drivers
  • Documents are stored at driver’s finger tips
  • Documents can be viewed out of coverage
  • Notifies driver of new document
  • Upload drivers licenses and accreditations

Key benefits

  • Automates fleet document handling
  • Improve your fleet's compliance
  • Reduce costs by eliminating paperwork handling
  • Prepare drivers for inspections by roadside authorities
  • Ensure drivers have their required documentation

Electronic Document Management

Provide drivers with the required documentation at their fingertips, and reduce paperwork handling. Operators can electronically send documents, including required permits and gazettes, directly to their fleet from Hawk-Eye, to their driver’s in-vehicle screen. When a new document is uploaded to the driver tablet, the driver is notified immediately.

Safe Journey Plans (SJP)

The Safe Journey Plan is prepared by you in Hawk-Eye and is electronically dispatched to the driver via our in-vehicle tablet. Once the driver acknowledges and completes the Safe Journey Plan, it is saved and available for inspection by roadside authorities.

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VTA State Conference 2020

Monday 2 March - 3 March 2020

The annual VTA State Conference is next month and MTData will be presenting. Addressing this year’s theme ‘Managing Increased Demand’.

We are proud to announce that Transport Compliance Services (TCS), a subsidiary of MTData, has been certified as a provider of Hill Descent Monitoring (HDM).


Supply Chain Safety Summit 2019 (ALC)

Monday 16 September - 17 September 2019

Australia’s leading supply chain event is back in September. As National Sponsors of the Australian Logistics Council (ALC), we are thrilled to be part of it.