Driver Screen & Phone

The in-vehicle driver touchscreen supports fatigue, fit for duty, mass, electronic documents, two-way communication, jobs, sign-on glass, audible alerts, and an optional phone.

Key features

  • User-friendly touch screen for drivers
  • Two-way messaging, phone and emails
  • Integrates with the tracking unit and Hawk-Eye
  • Provides drivers with audible and visual alerts
  • Supports fatigue, jobs, mass and safety modules

Key benefits

  • Improve driver safety and communication
  • Meet compliance and OH&S requirements
  • Increase driver efficiency and reduce downtime
  • Keep connected with your remote drivers
  • Manage your driver’s incoming and outgoing calls

In-Vehicle Driver Tablet

Talon, our latest driver tablet solution offers you the ability to track, communicate, review, and respond to drivers. The tablet is the ultimate communication solution keeping you connected with each and every driver. The tablet fully integrates with Hawk-Eye, centralising all vehicle and driver input in the one location and supports fatigue, job dispatch, mass, E-DOCS, defect and incident reporting, and Safe Journey Plans.

In-Vehicle Driver Phone

We offer a hands-free phone solution, which enables you to manage your driver’s incoming and outgoing phone calls. All calls are logged through, Hawk-Eye, our web-based software, giving you access to inhibit calls to and from specific numbers. In addition, incoming and outgoing text messages are also recorded.

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VTA State Conference 2020

Monday 2 March - 3 March 2020

The annual VTA State Conference is next month and MTData will be presenting. Addressing this year’s theme ‘Managing Increased Demand’.

We are proud to announce that Transport Compliance Services (TCS), a subsidiary of MTData, has been certified as a provider of Hill Descent Monitoring (HDM).


Supply Chain Safety Summit 2019 (ALC)

Monday 16 September - 17 September 2019

Australia’s leading supply chain event is back in September. As National Sponsors of the Australian Logistics Council (ALC), we are thrilled to be part of it.