Driver Safety & Compliance

Choose from a range of tools including proactive fatigue management, speed management, duress system, harsh driving reporting, and fit-for-duty declaration.

Key features

  • Electronically plan driver work diaries
  • Alerts drivers of upcoming breaks
  • Harsh driving and over speed monitoring
  • Pre-trip questionnaire & fit for duty declaration
  • Duress & Man down system for emergencies

Key benefits

  • Improve driver safety and driving behaviour
  • Meet compliance and OH&S requirements
  • Minimise the risk of fatigue related incidents
  • Provide immediate assistance in emergencies
  • Use reports and data for auditing and litigation

Fatigue Management

We offer a fatigue management solution, in-line with all fatigue schemes, based on the standardised 28-day work cycle. Simply view statuses via Hawk-Eye, and electronically plan, record, and review your driver work diaries. Once the scheme is selected, it will clearly identify available driving hours per driver, when a break should be taken, and the minimum break duration required. All fatigue statutes (work, rest and break periods), and if a breach were to occur, are colour coded.

Integrated Solution (Complete Fatigue)

Our electronic work diary solution in Hawk-Eye is used in conjunction with our in-vehicle driver screen, delivering a fully integrated and proactive fatigue management solution. This provides your drivers with audible and visual alerts relating to fatigue, including upcoming breaks, and its required duration. In the event of a fatigue breach, or a driver neglecting to declare a break, alerts are immediately sent to management, enabling proactive action to be taken.

Speed Monitoring

We offer an over-speed alert feature, which allows fleet managers to identify vehicles that are exceeding an operator’s manually set limit for that area. In the event of a speed exception occurring, notifications and alerts via email can be triggered and sent to nominated recipients.

Emergency Duress & Man Down Pendant

We offer a solution that provides alerting capabilities when urgent emergency assistance is required. The driver duress switch is an in-vehicle trigger, which can be activated by the driver when inside the cabin. The man-down pendant can be configured to alert if the wearer falls or does not move for a designated time period.

Harsh Driving & Incident Reporting

Monitor harsh cornering, heavy braking and hard acceleration. For any events of harsh driving, this will trigger live alerts, which is also available through a number of reports in our web-based software, Hawk-Eye.

Pre-Start Checklist / Fit For Duty

Our in-vehicle screen prompts drivers to login and complete a fully configurable pre-trip questionnaire prior to starting. Drivers must complete the form and verify that they are fit for duty where a failure to complete a successful login will result in alerts sent to management.

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