Limited Time: Buy 10 get 10 FREE*

Want to achieve the best utilisation of your fleet of trailers and movable assets? It can be difficult to keep track of all your moving assets. Take the hassle out of it by using one centralised system to identify opportunities for better utilisation. Improve productivity, save time and eliminate concerns around loss or theft. Enable exceptional customer service by providing up to date information on freight.

The ruggedised design is perfect for the conditions that trailers and other movable assets endure. These asset trackers are designed to be mounted to the front of trailers and are easy to install yourself. Better yet, they’re solar powered so there’s no issues with gaining power.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Buy 10 Solar Assets Trackers at $595 + GST each you will receive 10 FREE! Monthly data charge per unit is $19.50 + GST. Offer valid until 31st August. Terms & Conditions apply*. More details here.

Published 21 July 2020