Richers Transport, a proud Australian family business operating since 1935, has changed their vehicle GPS Tracking and Fleet Management technology solution to MTData. The transition was very smooth with installations for 100 vehicles, including Prime Movers, completed after hours and on weekends to minimise disruption to Richers Transport and its operations.

Graham Richers, Managing Director of Richers Transport, made the decision to move across to MTData after approximately nine years of using a competitor’s product.

Following the implementation, Graham is pleased to advise that this transition to MTData has been very smooth and he can see considerable benefits using the MTData product compared to the previous technology.

MTData’s Queensland State Manager, Jason Rigby says, “After courting Richers for nearly five years, I was extremely pleased when they made the decision to move across to our system and am proud of both my team at MTData and the professional team at Richers Transport who performed a successful implementation.

“Richers are a well-known and respected brand in the Transport Industry and we are very proud they have selected MTData to be their technology partner and are gratified that they have already seen immediate improvements and benefits from our technology.”

The solution provided by MTData, includes GPS tracking, in-vehicle hands-free phones and proactive fatigue management and this will expand in the near future to job dispatch and greater capabilities.

Managing Director of Richers, Graham Richers, says, “Whilst I thought MTData may have superior technology, I was reluctant to change due to the potential impact to the business.

“The changeover was quite smooth and now I am pleased we made the change and have the advantages of many more features that help us run our business to the high standards we demand”.

Published 21 September 2015