Key Facts

  • Fleet of 20+ trucks
  • Western Australian business with six depots
  • Fuel distributor with 21 fuel stations across WA
  • MTData customer since 2014

Solutions Implemented

  • Hawk-Eye, MTData's web-based software
  • MTData in-vehicle driver screen, Talon
  • Live and proactive fatigue management solution
  • G-Force sensors for monitoring driver behaviour especially harsh cornering


Dunnings Fuel is a fuel distributor based in Western Australia operating across the state with various depots, farming areas and service stations providing prompt and efficient services to their customers.

Their depots are located in six WA towns including Northam, Wongan Hills, Newman, Karratha, Manjimup and Wyalkatchem.

Established in 1962, Dunnings delivers fuel lubricants 24/7 with a major focus on offering competitive pricing ensuring their customers receive their fuel on-time.

In March this year Dunnings expanded their services by introducing their aviation division, which supplies companies with hot refuelling, tank certifications, site inspections, and much more.

Dunnings Fuel have rapidly accelerated their market penetration since implementing MTData’s telematics solutions into their fleet of 21 vehicles in 2014.

Proactively Managing Driver Fatigue

Maintaining driver safety and compliance is a crucial part of Dunnings Fuel operations, particularly fatigue.

Dunnings utilise MTData’s live fatigue management solution, enabling them to proactively manage their driver’s work schedules. MTData’s web-based software, Hawk-Eye is used in conjunction with the driver in-vehicle screen solution.

“For me managing fatigue is everything [in terms of maintaining compliance],” Transport and Logistics Manager of Dunnings Fuel, Matt Butt explained.

“Using MTData’s fatigue solution, I can effectively set the driving and working limit for the drivers per day, which is made available for the drivers to view. We set the guidelines and the drivers know to stick to them the best they can.

“To ensure that we are meeting compliance requirements, I can go back in Hawk-Eye to check that our drivers are all aligned with our guidelines; and I can compare it to the paperwork that they have filled out to ensure that they are correctly running their fatigue.”

Dunnings’ drivers also utilise MTData’s in-vehicle driver screen, which visually and audibly alerts drivers of their upcoming due breaks, how long until a break is required, the duration required, and if they have breached their driving allowance. This way Dunnings’ drivers are given the required warnings to take a break while out making a fuel delivery.

“The drivers are aware of when they need to take breaks as their MTData in-vehicle screen flashes a countdown and they know exactly the amount of time until their next break.”

– Transport & Logistics Manager of Dunnings Fuel, Matt Butt

“They stick to their 20 minute or half an hour breaks within the five hour period throughout their shift.

“It’s my biggest concern that I make sure that our drivers’ hours are effectively monitored and that they stay aligned with the Australian fatigue requirements.

“Utilising MTData’s technology definitely assists us with achieving this.”

Improving Driving Behaviour

Practising good driving behaviour is crucial when operating fuel tankers, as one wrong turn of the wheel could cause a rollover and a major incident.

Dunnings Fuel have implemented MTData’s G-Force sensors to effectively monitor their drivers’ driving behaviour. The sensors measure harsh driving including hard cornering and this enables Dunnings Fuel to put the appropriate steps in place to help their drivers improve and provide further training if necessary.

“We have a trainer that comes in and assesses the drivers every year, using MTData’s data,” Matt Butt commented.

“The trainer then gives me a report on the drivers’ driving style and whether they are operating the vehicle properly or not.

“We place a lot of trust in our drivers because they are the ones operating the vehicle safely.”

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Dunnings Fuel has benefited greatly from Hawk-Eye, as it assists Matt with giving his drivers alternate and faster routes to take when delivering to a customer. This allows his drivers to deliver fuel in a prompt and an effective manner.

“Getting deliveries done on-time at competitive prices is a promise that we make to our customers, and using Hawk-Eye has made us more efficient.”

– Transport & Logistics Manager of Dunnings Fuel, Matt Butt

“I can see the exact location of each vehicle, by simply logging on to any computer.

“Our drivers are able to get more jobs and deliveries done in a day, because we can look for a quicker route to try and minimise driving time.

“Hawk-Eye is definitely helpful as I can I can see exactly where my trucks are up to so I can provide accurate delivery times for my customers.”

MTData Comes Highly Recommended By Dunnings Fuel

“We deliver fuel to a lot of farmers in the central wheat-belt area of WA in Northam, so having a reliable telematics solution in place is crucial to our business’s efficiency and safety,” Matt Butt concluded.

Published 24 November 2016